[NEWS/UPDATES]update PLxPLs Lua OOP document

See http://plxplsluaoop.wordpress.com/documents/

This document is not finished yet, the example part will be added after I rewrite the test script for the module.



[NEWS/UPDATES]Create the home page of PLxPLs Lua OOP

  1. The home page of the PLxPLs Lua OOP has been created at http://plxplsluaoop.wordpress.com/home/. This site is still an empty site, more contents will be added sooner or later.
  2. Update the related link in the introduction page of the PLxPLs Lua OOP . See

    Menu->PRODUCTS->PLxPLs Lua OOP

Problems in upgrading Ubuntu 10.04 to 10.10

Today I upgraded my ubuntu 10.04 to 10.10 through internet. Perhaps it is because my ubuntu 10.04 is installed through wubi, I met several problems after this upgrade. The first one is I can not enter ubuntu any more by selecting “ubuntu” in the boot menu. The machine reboot again and again unless I enter windows.  This problem could be solved in the following ways:

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[UPDATE] PLxPLs Lua Object Oriented Programming

I have created the page about PLxPLs Lua OOP. You can see it in the PRODUCTS menu in the home page. Now it contains an introduction of this project and provides useful links to get more resources of this project(some of the links may not work until now because I have to active them, but it will be all right sooner or later). The page is written in two languages English and Chinese. French version will be supported soon.