[iOS] AntibesBus

Bus Helper for Antibes



* The 3d model of the bus in logo is based on the work of hjmediastudios

Change set

version 1.1

– iOS 7 support
– fix several UI issues
– improve icons





1. Why my app quits after showing the loading screen for a long time?

This is probably because you have a slow internet connection. Are you using a 2G network or your 3G/4G bandwidth is limited by your operator? Bus helper for Antibes will try to download the latest bus network every time it launches to make sure that you always get the up-to-date information. If you want to disable this function, you can go to settings, disable the option “Refresh data when start”. Next time you launch Bus helper for Antibes, it will not contact the server. (Before you disable “Refresh data when start”, please make sure that you have retrieved the bus network at least once)

2. How could I cache the schedule PDF so that I don’t need to download it every time?

By default, when you go to “schedule” and select one bue line, Bus helper for Antibes will download the schedule PDF and display it. To store the PDF in your iphone, please go to settings and enable “Cache schedule PDF”.

3. I couldn’t remember the full name of the bus stop, how could I find it in the stop list?

You don’t need to type the full name of the bus stop to find it.  You can type any part of the name that you remember, Bus helper for Antibes will show you all the bus stop contains your type. For example, the bus stop “Chapelle des combes”, you can only type “com” (for the initial of combes) and you will see it in the list.

4. Why I can not find a stop in the list?

All the bus stop is retrieved from envibus.fr. If the official site of envibus does not have the stop list, Bus helper for Antibes does not display it either.  However, these stop list should be added in the future version of Bus helper for Antibes.

5. What is the Home view?

Bus helper for Antibes is designed to make your search of bus information as simple as possible. The home view is the first view you will see when you open Bus helper for Antibes, it will show the bus information automatically according to your  routine rules. To define your routine rules, click Edit on the right top corner of Home view, use Add button to add a new rule.  A routine rule is something like:

Every working day around 9:30, I will take the bus Line 1 Amphore from the stop Templier

You need to fill the blue color information to define your rules. You can define the rules for your working day, weekend, every day, or a specified date.

The number of rules is unlimited. Don’t worry about the conflicts among the rules, Bus helper for Antibes will handle it and provide you the exact bus you want to take according to your rule set.

6. How could I mark a bus line as favorite?

In search tab, choose your stop from the stop list, and then select multiple directions in Direction view, In the top right corner, you have the option to click “Favourite” button to add the bus lines to your favorites. Next time, you can select your favorite bus line directly from the Favourites tab.

7. How could I change language?

Bus helper for Antibes now supports three languages – English, French, and Chinese. Go to settings -> Language to select your preferred language. If you want to improve the translation (in english/french/chinese) or you want to have other languages to support, please contact me bhoustudio@gmail.com

8. I don’t like the color of Bus helper for Antibes, how could I change the theme?

Bus helper for Antibes now supports three themes – default, blue ocean, and pink lady. Go to settings -> Theme to select your preferred theme. If you still don’t like them, contact me bhoustudio@gmail.com and tell me your preferred color/theme. More theme will be supported in future version.

9. Could I set my own theme?

I do have the interface to change the theme (color/images). If you are really interested in customizing your own theme, contact me bhoustudio@gmail.com. I will reorganize the interface and publish it as a web application.

10. How could I remove the Ads banner?

Come on, dude. The application is free. What else do you expect?  I didn’t expect earning money from the Ads, but I’d be appreciated if you click it : )


One thought on “[iOS] AntibesBus

  1. Hi,
    I am trying to use the app!
    Bit most of the words are same color as screen so we can find button or bus stop list .
    I tried to change the theme…
    How can I see everything ?

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