[Update] New functions supported in Image Processing Module

  Two new functions are added into the Image Processing plugin  of product POLLUXPLUS.  These two functions are two static function for the CImage class. One of the function inverseFourierTransform are used to perform the inverse fourier transform. Another function is a low pass filter, which called lowpass.

The usuage of these two functions can be found in the documentation of the Image Processing module in this link: http://bpolluxplus.wordpress.com/2011/01/13/pluginimage-processing/


Change the icon size in Unity 2D Launcher

I have intalled ubuntu 11.04 for several days, the new unity looking is amazing, that’s why I try to upgrade all my ubuntu systems to version 11.04, including a several years old one.  The fancy effect can not be displayed because it does not support the unity 3D. Luckily, I got the unity 2D. It works good, but not configurable. The thing I want to change most is the icon size, 48 px for me is too biiiig.

A little google work gives me this link: http://www.ubunturoot.com/2011/02/remove-and-rearrange-items-in-unity-2d.html

Maybe it works for the other machines, but failed in my case.

I try to read these qml files for a while and figured out the way to change the size of the icon in unity 2d. It’s not perfect, (cause it only changes the size of the icon and the around decoration, the width of the launcher can not be changed 😦 ) but for me it is acceptable.

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