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PLxPLs Lua OOP is a new implementation of Object Oriented Programing support in the programing language Lua. If you are not familiar with the language Lua, you can find the useful information from the official web site of Lua.

Lua itself does not have the OOP support, but it provides the capability to simulate the OOP behaviers with meta table. There are many Lua OOP implementations, for example, ObjectLua and LOOP. My implementation is oriented from one of my another project PLxPLs Collaboration Platform which is a general distribution multi-tasks platform for controlling the physic experiment devices and analyzing the experiment results. Since I need to frequently modify the OOP to fulfil the requirement of PLxPLs Collaboration Platform, I decided to make my own Lua OOP implementations (although ObjectLua and LOOP are open-sourced, it is much easier for me to modify my own codes).

The PLxPLs Lua OOP is under the same license as Lua. If you like it, you can use it for free. You can download it from the homepage of PLxPLs Lua OOP. I have written a complete manual and tech-doc for it.

PLxPLs Lua OOP features

To see the list of OOP feature, you could find some useful information here

  • Objects and Classes: supported
  • Encapsulation: not supported
  • Inheritance: multiple inheritance through interface
  • Virtual method: supported
  • Constructor/Destructor: supported
  • Abstract Methods and Classes: supported
  • Interfaces: supported
  • Method Overloading: not supported, but could be easily implemented
  • Operator Overloading: not supported, but could be easily implemented
  • Properties Exceptions: not supported



PLxPLs Lua OOP 是脚本编程语言Lua一个新的面向对象实现. 如果你不是很熟悉脚本语言Lua, 你可以在她的主页上找到相关的帮助信息.

Lua本身并不提供面向对象的支持, 但是通过meta table, 她提供了实现面向对象的能力. 现在已经有不少Lua面向对象的实现, 比如ObjectLua和LOOP. 我的这个实现主要源自于我的另一个项目PLxPLs Collaboration Platform. 他是一个分布式的多任务通用平台. 主要帮助我管理和控制光学物理实验设备以及分析试验结果. 由于我需要经常的修改面向对象实现以满足PLxPLs Collaboration Platform的要求, 我决定自己编写这个面向对象机制(尽管ObjectLua和LOOP都是开源的, 但是对我来说修改自己的代码更加方便).

PLxPLs Lua OOP与Lua具有相同的License. 也就是说, 你可以完全免费的使用他, 修改他. 我在PLxPLs Lua OOP的主页上提供了下载链接. 同时, 你还可以找到完整的使用手册和设计文档.

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