ActiveMQ simple authentication configuration

To configure the simple authentication of ActiveMQ, you should specify the simple authentication config file when you start your activeMQ, like this:

 1. cd to your activeMQ directory
 3. bin/activemq start xbean:libexec/conf/activemq-security.xml

The file libexec/conf/activemq-security.xml contains the username and password.

Note: if you can NOT launch the activeMQ, you can use the following command to see more details

bin/activemq console xbean:libexec/conf/activemq-security.xml

To change the username and password:

1. only change the username in file libexec/conf/activemq-security.xml
2. open libexec/conf/, change the corresponding username and password

Note: the password is encrypted in this file, you can generate your encrypted password by the command:

bin/activemq encrypt --password activemq --input <your password>

you will see the result like this:

Encrypted text: eeWjNyX6FY8Fjp3E+F6qTytV11bZItDp

Copy this string to your file as the password

You can verify your encryption with this command

bin/activemq decrypt --password activemq --input <your enscryption>

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