How to fix the “no permission to write in a NTFS partition” problem in Ubuntu 10.10

One of the possible solution is in my another post:

But I found another way which is much easier then the above one – a gui tool called ntfs-config

To install this tool, open a terminal and type the command:

sudo apt-get install ntfs-config

after that you can find this tool in the menu: system->administration->ntfs configuration tool

click to run this application, you will see the dialog which lists all the possible NTFS partitions, select the one you want to config, and you will see the following dialog: (You need to input your password to get the right for modifying the system file)

Select all the two options, to enable the write permission to your ntfs partitions.

This gui tool actually do the same thing as I posted in

It will use the default permission settings. Although it can solve the problem easily,  it will bring you some trouble when you use terminal to manage the files. (You will see horrible colors for your files and directories, because all the access rights are enabled).  If you do be annoyed at this, just follow the procedure of my older posts.


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